We are a Melbourne-based team from Telegram Co., a distribution and retail company representing brands that are authentic, have a strong heritage and a great story. The integrity of our brands is critical to the growth and success of our company.

This same integrity is fundamental to the development of our new brand Milligram. We believe in the inherent value of thoughtful design coupled with true usefulness and longevity. Everything we create is highly functional, designed in-house and often in collaboration with special partners or creatives we admire. We invest effort and creativity to deliver surprise and delight with all that we create.

Manufacturing for Milligram is either in Australia or international, with a constant eye to ethical and sustainability issues.

Launched in 2017 with a range of diaries, the collections now extend to the areas of stationery, organise and living.

Milligram Studio Enquiries:
Please contact Michelle Quinn on +61 3 9318 0822 or email hello@milligram.studio.